Run  local  influencer marketing  campaigns  

Castrum Social (CS) is a gathering point for influencers and local promoters worldwide. It is, at the same time, a social media marketing agency where crypto project owners can find someone to organize a strong campaign. At Castrum Social, we collaborate with representatives, who are the best promoters, in different parts of the world.


CS consists of social media influencers, keynote speakers, and key opinion leaders. A dedicated team with a huge impression on social media is here to support crypto-related startups.

Within Castrum Social you have the opportunity to have connections to YouTubers, Twitchers, KOLs, Telegram & Discord moderators, Instagram & Twitter admins – who all provide qualified services to help you to take your project next level.

Global Ideas with Local Impact

We offer you to have a local impact by bridging between you and influencers from Germany, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Japan, Malaysia and South America.

Local Promoters

To help achieve your aims, Castrum Social works with top professionals and has the best and the brightest worldwide influencers and social media experts.

Collaboration with local influencers makes us distinguished among others. Because they

can create content in native language

can create content and have impression on a specific geography in where the relevant project targeting an audience

We believe that the impact of local influencers contributes more than others since local ones have a target audience.

Importance of Community

For a blockchain business, the crypto community is its first and most favorable target which it must achieve. You need to be a community-driven platform that must allow users to reward their participation into your ecosystem. The key success factor for building the ecosystem consists of ensuring organic community growth.

A Collection of Local Influencers

CS is a collection of best local promoters committed to helping crypto projects build a relationship with their target audience through goal oriented social strategies and storytelling.

Why Influencers?

People prefer watching videos instead of reading articles and posts. It’s easier for them to get acquainted with viral content while doing something else – drinking tea, heading to work or whatever else. This is why we offer you to pay special attention to influencers marketing strategy.

We collaborate with a number of professional blockchain influencers, who are ready to tell both the world and local places about your crypto project.

Castrum Social (CS) is a success-driven influencer marketing agency with creative content for blockchain world. We grow your brand with leading local promoters.